PaysafeCard Code Generator

PaysafeCard Code Generator

Finally the new PaySafeCard Code Generator is available for download. We are proud to present you with the latest working version of this amazing tool, specially designed for our users and released to the public for your enjoyment. With this new design its easier to generate the codes and to redeem them at the paysafecard website. We have also added new features to make the software more stable and user friendly. This new algorithm is more polished and makes the PaySafeCard code generator work flawlessly with more precision and stability.




Don’t Know about Paysafe Yet ?

Paysafecard is an electronic means of payment that works and can be prepaid system in a real currency exchanged again only by the other party. It can be used as a micropayment system and settlement of medium- and small amounts for example, when buying and selling in online trading.

Paysafecard has existed since the year 2000 and was the first bank-legally approved online payment method in Europe. The card will be issued by the PrePaid services company limited and managed. The company originally headquartered in Vienna, according to now own in London and New York; in the German imprint, London is given as the seat. Paysafecard is represented by physical retail outlets in 30 countries in Europe and America. According to PrePaid services, paysafecard is accepted now by about 3,500 online shops in Europe as payment system. Since 2006 paysafecard is supported by the EU programme eTEN in the spread across Europe. Since May 30, 2008, the company paysafecard has a EU-wide licence for the issuance of electronic money and is regulated by the UK financial services authority. In March 2009, paysafecard was awarded the Paybefore award as the best non-American prepaid payment method. In addition, paysafecard was within the framework of the second PrePaid awards in London on October 13, 2009 to the “leading PrePaid organization 2009″ selected. Paysafecard the provider Wallie took over in 2001.

The issuance of the cards (also second edition after failure or theft) as well as the balance query/transaction history on the Internet are free of charge. To pay with paysafecard in euros, no charges, levied for other currencies a conversion premium of 2% of the transaction volume. After the first 12 months from date of purchase, the company charged a service fee of € 2 per month. You may request at any time the balance still on the map, but you have to do then the details of person (up to the copy of the photo identification) and bank details. A fee of € 7.50 for this should fall only when called for redemption before or after more than one year after the expiry of the contract. Since the contract is concluded but explicitly indefinitely, should always apply. Effectively balances a map must be consumed so after 12 months use it economically]. Termination is not required here, a balance is charged successively by the company as part of the monthly service fee. The indentation of the fee according to credit consumption is not possible the company when anonymous customers due to lack of data. A transaction-dependent discount accrues on the dealer page. This is calculated according to amount of monthly sales with paysafecard and by industry sector. Usually 8 to 19.5% are transaction fees for merchants, the partner who was elected for the transactions is essential for this purpose.


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